Sara Dickison Taylor

Welcome everyone and I’m so excited to meet you! I’m Sara Dickison Taylor, President and Founder of Celebrate Life by Design, LLC. As a certified Executive and Leadership Coach, I have helped countless individuals maximize their life potential and turn their wildest dreams into reality. Whether it be transitioning to a new job after being out of the work force for years, building your own brand, maximizing your leadership team or rediscovering that missing piece in your soul, get ready for your next adventure.

As a Certified Career and Executive Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colby College and am a certified graduate of Coach University. Always the consummate student, I also choose to delve further into my coaching craft with Dr. Martha Beck, renowned New York Times bestselling author and Oprah’s favorite life coach.

As a true advocate for what truly matters most in life, I currently serve as the former Co-Chair of the Pediatric Patient Family Advisory Council (PPFAC) at Boston Children’s Hospital/Dana Farber Cancer Institute and speak internationally as an advocate of patient and family centered care for families, caregivers and patients. Prior to my exciting coaching career, I spent almost 20 years as a top recruiter and Senior Vice President for a Boston-based staffing agency helping individuals find the ultimate jobs of their dreams.

When I’m not life coaching and supporting my clients to reach for the stars and intentionally manifest what they truly desire, you can find me laughing and dancing with my forever patient husband, trying to slow down the growth of my two amazing children and snuggling with the world’s largest golden retriever puppy. Come and join the ride … I promise you’ll be happy you did!


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