One-on-One Coaching

Not sure how to begin your relaunch? Or how to make it a success?

Our select group of coaches will give you the one-on-one attention you need to make it happen!

What can One-on-One Coaching do for you?

Work with your career coach to:

Share the Process, and Your Accountability, with A Personal Guide, Sounding Board and Resource

Your iRelaunch coach is your trusted return-to-work ally who understands your frustrations, gives you honest feedback, provides strategy, strength and encouragement, and helps you maintain momentum when the going gets tough.

Determine Your Unique Career Reentry Goals

A thoughtful career assessment is critical to the relaunch process. Your coach can guide you through an assessment of your interests, values, skills, and aptitudes and how they impact your career choices and environment. You'll get the feedback you need to get clarity on what you want to do when you relaunch.

Navigate the “New Job Search"

Things might have changed since your last job. LinkedIn profiles, phone and Skype interviews, and researching companies on Twitter may be new to you. Your coach will help you learn how to use them effectively. You'll develop the language and materials conveying to an employer where you can add the most value.

Meet the iRelaunch One-on-One Coaching Team