Employer Return to Work Showcase Event


An iRelaunch and Mocha Moms Event

What is Mocha Moms, Inc.?

Mocha Moms, Inc. is delighted to partner with such an impactful organization as iRelaunch, and we look forward to providing resources and building a network for mothers of color relaunchers!  

Join Mocha Moms, Inc. and become a part of an organization that provides sisterhood, support and service for mothers of color. Its mission is to support, inspire, educate, and advocate for mothers of color through strengthening marriages and families, promoting self-care, strong educational foundations, volunteerism, and activism.

When you join Mocha Moms, you become a member of our online and in-person community.  We have nearly 1,600 members and 60 chapters in 31 states with an online community and social media following of more than 100,000.

Our chapters are returning to in-person programming, and with mandated safety protocols. Almost monthly, over the past year, we hosted virtual events on various topics, i.e., return-to-work, self-care, parent related, social justice, mental wellness, and more. Some of our chapters and National Office will continue to offer virtual events after summer hiatus.

To join Mocha Moms, Inc., there is a $50 annual membership fee.  Please visit mochamoms.org for more information.

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