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iRelaunch Return to Work Conference


We're bringing the Conferences to YOU


May 18 - 20, 2021

Oct 5 - 7, 2021

Stay tuned for more information and registration open dates.

We're Going Virtual for an Updated, Enhanced, Expanded, and SAFE Return to Work Conference


At iRelaunch, we have doubled down to focus on how we can best support our relauncher and employer communities, and our mission has never been clearer. The tools, events, thought leadership, and programming that are the foundation of our company, including our flagship iRelaunch Return to Work Conference have been reviewed, updated, enhanced and expanded during this unprecedented time.

With our move to a virtual iRelaunch Return to Work Conference, we will provide you the excellent Conference experience you’ve come to expect, give you the tools you need to make your relaunch a success, put you in touch with employers who want to hire you, all while putting your health at the top of our priority list. 

Here's what our 2019 Conference participants had to say ...


"I attended the I Relaunch conference and I was blown away. I loved hearing all the panel speakers and their stories really resonated with me. I loved hearing your story on one of your Ted Talks, after which I quickly renewed my subscription to Landscape Architecture Magazine. I quit the work force of Landscape Architecture/Architecture profession in 2008 to raise a family. My family and I recently relocated to the Chicago area in 2016. I started my job search 8 months ago but was disappointed by the response I got. In my industry Gap is really still frowned upon. Your event has given me new ideas and a new energy to re launch my career." .. AK


Thank you and your team so much for all your work for the "relaunchers"! It was an incredible program yesterday at Kellogg's stunning Global HubSpot and each presenter offered insightful, on-point advice for re-entering the workforce. Enjoyed every minute!"  -- DD


"The Conference was absolutely excellent. So well planned and executed. I learned a lot today and felt so affirmed and supported. As I told you when we met, iRelaunch's materials played a significant role in my relaunch last year, and I am so grateful."  -- TC