Introducing the iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap

An online career re-entry "workbook" that will help your constituents get back to a rewarding career

Anytime Access

Users can work on the Roadmap at home or take it with them on their mobile devices. Start and complete lessons anytime it's convenient - print out a worksheet at home and or listen to a podcast while driving. Users can access the Roadmap anytime!

Everything in One Place

Our videos, podcasts, downloadable worksheets, assessments, and strategies are based on research with thousands of people returning to the workforce and the employers hiring them - all in one convenient workbook.

Taking You Back to Work

From thinking about returning to work to accepting a job offer, the Roadmap leaves nothing out. Users choose the route they want to take, either straight through the steps or designing the path that's best for them.

See the Roadmap in Action

Wondering what the Roadmap looks like, or how users go through the steps? Interested in seeing the process? Watch this video for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Roadmap?

If you've ever taking an online course, this is a similar format. If you haven't, it's very easy to navigate. You simply log in and immediately have access to all 5 phases (over 30 steps). Ideally, users would start at Phase 1 Step 1, but it depends a bit on where they are in their relaunch journey. The product provides flexibility to jump around as needed. They can easily leave the product and come back any time - it is theirs to access when the time is right for them.

How long will it take to complete all phases and steps on the iRelaunch Roadmap?

The self-paced design of the Roadmap allows users to complete the steps according to their schedule. We recommend that users try to complete three steps each week. With that timing, they should complete the entire course within three months. Of course, they can complete more steps if they prefer, or they can go straight to the steps that they feel best address their return to work needs. 

How should users navigate the Roadmap?

If they have the time, we recommend users take a look at each phase of the Roadmap in order. iRelaunch experience has shown that crucial steps are often overlooked when returning to work, including determining the best job for you and steps you can take to improve the likelihood of not just getting an interview ... but getting an offer. The product is built so that users can work through one step at their own pace, and then click “next” and move on to the next step (and the first step is marked complete). They can always go forward or backwards as needed.

What if users only need certain aspects of the program?

Just like any roadmap, the journey starts with their current location and offers lots of different routes. That's the beauty of the iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap. Regardless of where users are or what they want to focus on, they'll find it here. We encourage them to take a moment to look at each phase and the steps along the way. Then tailor the program to meet their current needs. 

Can I access it when I'm not online?

While you do need to be on the Internet to access the product, there are a lot of worksheets and other materials that are downloadable, so it’s easy to take those with you / print them out / use them while offline.

What types of materials should users expect to find in the Roadmap steps?

Each step has some combination (but usually not all) of the following components:

  • A series of (typically between three and five) actions to take to complete the step. For example, “listen to this podcast on salary negotiation,” or “download and complete the attached contact pools worksheet," or “identify 5 networking contacts you will reach out to this week."
  • A video guiding users through specific parts of the step. For example, the tools we offer in Roadmap to help them build a visual map of their ideal next job are a series of worksheets - this particular step has a video featuring iRelaunch Chair and Co-founder Carol Fishman Cohen to guide them through how to fill out the worksheets and make sense of the final map.
  • Downloadable worksheets that are part of completing that step
  • Other downloadable content that is part of completing that step
  • Links to podcasts, blogs, and articles that we have curated and / or produced ourselves and that are relevant to the goals of that step
  • Lists of resources to tap into throughout the journey

How often is the Roadmap updated?

The iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap is updated whenever we find material that we feel is beneficial to our users or when new services are made available to relaunchers - in other words, the Roadmap might even be updated on a daily basis. Our team scours the career re-entry environment constantly and is aware of the latest information and materials available to relaunchers.

What should I do if I have further questions?

Please reach Anne Zacharias, iRelaunch Director of Business Development for more information about how you can make the iRelaunch Roadmap available to your alumni.


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