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  • Hundreds of success stories from real relaunchers
  • Tips about how they found their new job
  • Suggestions for networking and interviewing
  • Motivational accounts of their path from job seeker to employee or entrepreneur

Here is a small sampling…

“What was supposed to be a short-term hiatus from the work force, turned into a 13-year unpaid career as a full-time parent of three young children, homemaker, housekeeper, coach, volunteer, school trustee and treasurer, as well as part-time work in the mortgage and construction industries ... After a few months of this sort of very targeted networking and informational interviewing, I came across a role that was a perfect fit for me.”

Dave Carty

“For more than 5 years, I loved my life as stay-at-home mom, participating in all of the usual “Mommy and Me” programs ... And after 5 years of shopping, volunteering and lunching with the ladies, I thought I was going to jump out of my skin! I still didn’t want to go back to work full-time, but I needed something to occupy my spare time and to make a few dollars to help pay for the kids’ summer camp and other activities ... I started my new career as a recruiter for financial advisors in 1998 on my bedroom floor with nothing more than a telephone and yellow legal pad by my side, diligently cold calling prospects while my boys were in school. ”

Mindy Diamond

“My 16-year career in the financial services industry came to a screeching halt after the birth of my third child, and when my oldest was formally diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (Autism spectrum) ... I never contemplated entering the disabilities field, till a friend suggested I become a ‘consultant’ to families of kids with disabilities ... Within 3 months I was working part time, and by my 1st anniversary of having started as a volunteer, I was there full time.”

Mariko Sakita

“After stepping out of my career at a company I loved to become a stay-home mom, we moved from California to Michigan and I happily embraced my new role ... I loved my years as a stay-home mom, knowing I would eventually return to a career. In the interim, I volunteered. I recall reading a great piece of advice: “If you are going to volunteer, do it in your field, or in a leadership position." I did both ...”

Monica Casillas

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