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iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap

Congratulations on taking your first steps back to work! The iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap will provide the structure, information, and encouragement you need to make the journey a successful one.


What People Are Saying:

The phases and steps display the years of work that Carol Fishman Cohen and the iRelaunch team have put into researching this unique career challenge...the Roadmap enables the relauncher to quickly get up to speed with access to a wealth of resources. Allowing the career relauncher to go through this process on-line at his/her own pace and availability is brilliant.

Daniel T.

I am LOVING the Roadmap and am only on Phase 1! I have listened to the first podcast, read the article and have downloaded the 3, 2, 1, (podcast) series… I made 6.5 pages of notes from that first podcast alone! I shared the course info with my friend… who then signed up for the Roadmap course too, and we will be forming a group to help support each other. I felt insecure about the big gap in my resume. I also felt very alone in these feelings. NOW I feel connected and excited about all the possibilities.

Kim M.