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We know how hard it can be to start a job search - and to maintain momentum when things get tough. iRelaunch, the "return to work experts," has helped thousands of "relaunchers" find the combination to get back to a great job (hint: you probably already have the components! They just need a little tweaking!).

Our "Return to Work Starter Kit" includes:

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Are you ready to return to work?

To help you determine your readiness, iRelaunch developed the Relaunch Readiness Assessment - a three-part evaluation that can help you make getting back to work a reality.

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1. Assess your appetite for work

Are you interested in relaunching now? Six months from now? A few years from now?

2. Gauge career-break responsibilities

Is it realistic for you to return to work right now based on these responsibilities?

3. Determine resources for support

Your relaunch prospects may differ depending on daycare, after-school activities and other ancillary resources.

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