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Go from career break to ready-to-work in just 5 Phases

Phase 1: Make the most of your break

If you're thinking about returning to work, there are plenty of things you can do to keep you at the top of your game. Phase 1 shows you how to reconnect personally and professionally, maintain momentum through Lean In Circles and the iRelaunch Return to Work Community Forum, and shows you how to stay relevant during your break.

Phase 2: Defining yourself: Clarity for the road ahead

Phase 2 is a time for self-definition and finding clarity for the road ahead. First, you'll assessing your readiness to relaunch. Next you'll learn how to rebuild your confidence and understand your work values. Cap it off with our "3Cs + 1 of Relaunching" exercise and your road ahead becomes clear.

Phase 3: Explore the right job for you

What's the best job for YOU? In this Phase, you'll map the key functions for your ideal job and build your new career path based on the personal career exploration you completed in previous steps. At the end of this Phase, you'll determine your career exploration goals for the next 30 days.

Phase 4: Discover, build and activate your network

Many studies show that networking is still the best way to find a job. In Phase 4 you'll build and activate your contact pools, learn the do's and don'ts of networking, and informational interviews. You'll also discover why LinkedIn is a gift to relaunchers.

Phase 5: Launch your search!

Now you're ready to get into the nuts and bolts of applying for the job and getting the offer! Phase 5 covers using social media to research potential employers, the elevator pitch, cover letters and resumes (including when and how to describe career-break activities) and LinkedIn profiles. We'll share some secrets about tricky interview questions (and how to ace them). We'll also cover salary negotiation.

Make it happen

No matter where you are in your career reentry, we have a place for you on the Roadmap. Filled with information, assessments, exercises, support, accountability, and community forum, the iRelaunch Roadmap is your travel guide to your next job.